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Talk Techie To Me is a bi-weekly tech podcast that explores the latest and greatest technology and how this tech impacts your life. Some of the coolest tech can be confusing, and Host Tasia Custode understands this, as she dives deep into the tech world to bring you the information that matters most, in a relatable, straightforward way.

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Episode 1

Google I/O 2021: Top 10 Announcements

In the premiere episode of Talk Techie To Me, Host Tasia Custode shares the top 10 announcements from Google I/O 2021. Google unveiled a lot, from major updates to Google Workspace to new AI, and Project Starline (the coolest video chat technology of all time). If you missed the keynote and want to know the best announcements from Google I/O 2021, be sure to listen to this episode.

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Episode 2

Tech Roundup: Google Photos, Twitter Blue, United Supersonic Jets

It's roundup time! In episode two of Talk Techie To Me, Host Tasia Custode discusses her three favorite tech stories from the past week. Google Photos is no longer offering free unlimited storage for users, Twitter launches a subscription service called Twitter Blue, and United announces the purchase of 15 supersonic jets! Listen to this week’s episode to learn what all this means for you.