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Episode 18: AI Named This Show: An AI a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Welcome to episode 18 of the Talk Techie To Me podcast!

In this special episode, I’m sharing a new podcast I've been working on with friend and fellow tech enthusiast Tristan Jutras called AI Named This Show. On episode 4 of AI Named This Show, entitled an AI a day keeps the doctor away, Tristan and I examine the power of AI in medicine, including how ChatGPT diagnosed a boy's chronic pain and how a paralyzed woman regained her voice through brain signal decoding.

Tristan and I have talked about putting a show together for many years, and I'm thrilled its finally happening. Hopefully you enjoy listening to AI Named This Show as much as we enjoy making it.

You can find AI Named This Show anywhere you get your podcasts, or learn more here:

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