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The Best Travel Tech 2022 | Top 10 Essential Travel Accessories I Use

*This blog features affiliate links. If you buy through these links, I may make a small commission.

Let's cut to the chase: Here’s my list of the top 10 essential travel accessories I use.

I’m literally pulling out all the gear from my Tortuga backpack and sharing it with you! From outlet adapters, to portable chargers, luggage scales, and tech cleaning kits, I’m spilling all the contents of my Tortuga travel backpack with you.

Here is my list of items I've deemed the best travel tech:

🔌 Outlet Adapters:

🪫 Universal Charging Cable:

🎧 Earbuds and Wired Headphones:

🔋 Portable Chargers:

👝 Cable Organizer:

🛏 Travel Pillows:

📲 Tablet or E-reader:

⚖️ Luggage Scale:

🧼 Tech Cleaning Kit:

🎒 Travel Backpacks:

✨ Bonus:

This is just a shortlist of my favorite travel tech. What are your favorite travel tech items? Leave a comment!


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